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We are just launching our website and the maiden issue of our web-magazine CineIndia. It is a process of evolution and we are looking forward to improve it on a continuous basis. We eagerly look forward to receive feedbacks from our esteemed readers.

Organisations or institutions connected with cinema to be listed, corrections if any, suggestions for improvement in the format of the Web-magazine CineIndia, Contributions to the magazines, articles, reviews etc., are welcome.

We also welcome you to be on our mailing list, if you desire so. Please subscribe now by sending us your Email Id.

We extend a hearty welcome, particularly to non-mainstream filmmakers to keep us informed about their latest productions so that we can disseminate the information to the right targets. If the DVDs of the films are sent, our review section will publish reviews in our web-magazine. Opinions expressed in our reviews need not be that of the magazine.

For all your feedbacks please contact us on Email: info@filmfocusindia.com

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